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McGuire VA Medical Center LC-MS Core Lab

The purpose of the MRI-LC-MS Core Lab is to provide state-of-the-art services and expertise for investigators at McGuire VA Medical Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as investigators at other institutes and private companies, for sample analysis with LC-MS/MS mass spectrometry. We encourage investigators to contact the LC-MS Lab regarding the experimental needs so that we can discuss how to get the best results for you.


The LC-MS Lab is equipped with a Shimadzu LCMS-8060 Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS Mass Spectrometer under the control of LabSolutions software. The LCMS-8060 delivers the highest sensitivity and fastest analysis speed of any LCMS on the market today. It has been optimized specifically for the quantitative measurement of many physiologically relevant analytes at very low limits of detection. We have established and validated the assay protocols for measuring bile acids, oxysterols, cholesterol metabolism in serum, liver, and fecal samples. We are continuously working on protocols for other lipids.

The LC-MS Core Research Scientist, Dr. Lianyong Su, has 13 years of industrial experience in small molecule mass spectrometry properties and support for drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and toxicokinetic studies in both drug discovery and preclinical and clinical development stages. He published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

If you have any questions regarding the LC-MS service or making an inquiry. Please contact him at

The Mass Spectrometry Facility is located in

       Department of Research

       Hunter Holmers McGuire VA Medical Center

       1201 Broad Rock Blvd                                                        

       Richmond, VA 23249


Sample submission

You may download the sample submission form via the link Mass Spectrometry Services and email your request to   We can simultaneously measure 42 bile acids in serum, bile, liver tissue, intestine content, and fecal samples.  We can also measure short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), sphingolipids, cholesterol and much more. You may download the LC-MS/MS analysis list information via the link LC-MSMS_ analysis_List.


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